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Map of Midi Pyrenees Plastiques buildings

Administrative, design and technical offices

Functionals and efficients, they enable the processing of your orders with the specifications associated.

The technical department enables you to take advantage of our know-how and assures a complete interface between the customers’ needs and our subcontractors.

Plastic injection workshop

Perfectly organized, fully mastered by a qualified staff, it is the heart of our business. It is well equipped with a pool of modern, high performing machines with automated loading and unloading to reduce the costs even more. It is equipped with 21 presses from 35 to 400 tons closed.

Moulding workshop / stock of moulds

The moulding workshop is highly qualified to maintain, repair and modify every moulds used by MPP.
It is an essential asset to meet delivery schedules of moulded parts.

Two independent units of storage of moulds are located near the production plant. These buildings, exclusively used for storage, are flame-retardant treated and managed with working instructions that optimize the security of the tooling entrusted.

The finishing workshop

The service to customer must be as complete as possible.
For this, we ensure a wide range of post-injection works, such as :
Machining on a 3-axis machining centre, assembly operations, painting, decoration, marking, ultrasonic welding, packaging…

Warehouse and logistics / Quality and control by computer program

800 m² available to you

The service deals with various agreements adapted to each customer.

The Quality system is certified in accordance with EN9100.
The Quality Management system is supported by an Internet portal accessible from each one of the 24 computers available for the MPP staff. It ensures the communication within the quality department. Based on a WORKFLOW technique, it requires the participation of everyone.

Equipped with a coordinate measuring machine monitored and serviced using PC, this service meets the more complex customers’ requirements. Regularly, it practises the so-called FAI technique.

Computer system
A modern and performing central information system enables MPP to work in harmony managing technical specifications fundamentally differents from several business sectors.
Example of plastic injection